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Partner Achievements

As an award winning, globally acclaimed vocational education institution, we, at Surado Campus are very proud to be the only institution in Sri Lanka to train Professional Caregivers using the latest technology, and modern teaching tools, coupled with international standards in practical training, with many foreign collaborations with partners from across the world. It is undeniable that the world and our role within it rapidly changed with many conventional career paths becoming and null and void…. except those that require the human touch, love and care….which brings therapeutic benefits, compassion, emotions, decision making, plays a primary role in the physical development and mental well-being which gives the strength to fight disease….. This concept of “Human Care” was brought to light by our Chairman Mr Rachitha Buddhika, way back in 2012….. Today it is seen as a major need in the present world, creating a much-demanded career in Healthcare especially during the times, and the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic. It has now blossomed to create new pathways to a large number of participants who built their futures on the foundation laid by Surado Campus. This, serves as a testament to our commitment to provide employable skills to the youth of Sri Lanka, thereby contributing positively towards national development. Surado Campus of Business Management (Private) Limited is established in custom designed modern premises with state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality branded healthcare equipment. It is fully accredited by many Local and Foreign Quality Educational providers and has a network of partnerships with many Healthcare institutes to across the globe. These highly demanded Healthcare Programs are delivered by qualified Doctors and Nurses in the Healthcare field, and other skill enhancement Programs are conducted by Industry recognized Professionals in their respective fields. With a staff of approximately 100, Surado Campus turns out thousands of new Healthcare Professionals to the society. These participants undergo extensive Training in soft skills such as Communication, Organizational Skills, Team building, and Wellness Training in addition to their core Trainings in Healthcare, thereby creating high stands in employability. Language Enhancement Training Programs namely in English and Japanese are conducted to raise the skill levels of these participants. International Etiquette, Cross Cultural Behavior, International mannerisms and Communication Methodologies, are conducted through various workshops, with the participation of foreign lecturers from England and Japan. Surado Campus has also branched off to establishing other streams of study pertaining to Beauty Therapy, Cosmetology, Training and Education, Business Management, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, Pre School Teaching, Nursing, to name a few of the new additions. The road to success was such, that Surado expanded its branch network to several locations in and around Colombo, (Sri Lanka’s Commercial Capital City ) and spread its wings to establish branches in island wide locations, covering several provinces in order to cater to the high demand from interested parties from all walks of life.

Institute Awarded :-

Surado, the Institute was awarded as Best in Healthcare, in the field of Vocational Training in following manner.
  • 1) South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2021 Emerging Education Institute in Health care
  • 2) South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2021 The Excellence in Education Leadership Award under Education Leadership category
  • 3) South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2022 Emerging Education Institute in Health care awards under Education and Learning Development Category
  • 4) Shramabhimani 2019
  • 5) American awards
  • 6) Asia awards
  • 7) Ambassador Forum Sri Lanka 2022
  • 8) South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2022 Best Woman Leadership Excellence Award in Education sector
  • 9) Asia's best vocational training institute award of the year 2020/2021
  • 10) Asia awards- Appreciation
  • 11) South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2021 Best Woman Leadership Excellence Award in Education sector
  • 12) Best CEO- Health Care
  • 13) Empress Universe
Today Surado Campus shines, with its flag held high, where the Company name has become a household name with the concept of Family Doctor being present in each family to take care of the sick and the needy at family levels.